Monday, November 23, 2009

Meadow Flowers

I cut flower shapes from purple fabric.  I cut centers from redish-brown fabric.  I followed the shapes of the petals and with straight stitches sewed back and forth starting with the darkest color of thread then medium color and then the lightest thread.  I embroidered around the petals for a more finished look.  I zigzagged the redish-brown shapes in place on the machine.  I cut out the 3 purple flowers and appliqued them to a 16 x 26 inch hand-dyed fabric.  I cut out the red shapes and fused them in place... also the green leaves.


I then added leaves to the red flowers.

Looking at the piece, I decided the background was to light -- needed some dark and medium tones, so I got out my fabric paints and added 2 more leaves.


Started sewing down the red flowers and all the leaves following their shapes with a stabilizing fabric pinned in place to the back of the piece.  All red flowers have been sewn down... will add more stitches in a lighter shade of red or real light lavender.  Green leaves -- I put a little piece of batten under and turned-over parts of 4 leaves.  I also darken the background in a couple of places.

I'm making the stems by wrapping fabric around yarn and stitching it... then I will stitch it to the background making it curve like a vine.  I add lavender threads to the red flowers and embroidery the stems from leaves to the stems of purple flowers.

I removed the dark green leaves from the red flowers -- I wanted the flowers to look taller.

Looks muddy; needs change.  Needs lots of little flowers.

I painted more.  I added printed flowers.

Quilted.  Binding is done with yarn zigzagged on.

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